Why hair extensions?

Bad Hair day
Bad Hair day

Celebrities like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad are regularly on the front page of a glossy magazine sporting new hairstyles- changing colour, style or even length to keep their fans interested.

This is often achieved by hair extensions and a talented extensions stylist

Many of us realise (me included) that their inner hottie has thick waist length hair that is in perfect condition (the kind of hair that would bag you a job on the Herbal Essences advert) …. instead I have thin shoulder length hair that often looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards most mornings when I wake up.

Hair extensions are for me a life saver, every day I wake up feeling like someone off Britain’s Top Model, no hint of being dragged through a hedge while I was in the land of nod, No trying to tame my crazy mane into some kind of style before racing out the door in the morning……. with hair extensions fitted I start every day feeling like a goddess.

It’s not just about length, its also about thickness, and colour. I love how every 3 months I can change the colour of my hair with Highlights or Ombre and change the length, I really love the current trend of having braids but with thin hair they just don’t look good. However with extensions in, the braids are thick and trying different styles is easy and so much more versatile.






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