What type of hair extensions?

Pre-bonded and Weave hair extensions
Pre-bonded and Weave

Choosing what type of hair extensions to have can be very confusing as there are so many types and techniques. Here are the various ways of applying them…

Micro Ring hair extensions are done by connecting tiny bits of pre-bundled hair to your existing hair using little rings or beads. Once the hair is pulled through the ring it is compressed to ensure a good hold. Micro Loops work on the same principle but eliminate the need of a separate loop tool. This is because every bundle of hair has a loop and bead pre-connected. This makes for faster application. Micro Rings can be unclamped and reused. Micro Loops can only be adjusted.

Pre bonded hair extensions are pre-tipped bundles of hair that use a heating tool to connect to your natural hair. They are usually made of protein based keratin polymer.

Fusion Bonded hair extensions come as loose strands with no bond attached, which means our technician can mix various colours to give you a very natural look – making the bonds as small as you wish with a safe resin

Nano Ring hair extensions are the newest and most advanced hair system, they provide the smallest and most undetected bond. They are very similar to micro rings but 90% smaller bond.

Tape-in extensions are small wefts of hair that can be taped to your existing hair. The most popular tape-in hair weft size is 1.5″ long and the industry makes pre-cut tape tabs to fit them. If needed, tape-In hair wefts can range in size to about 8″. Tape-In extensions can be removed with solvent and reused by buying additional double sided tape.

Weave extensions are applied by plaiting the natural hair into horizontal tracks, and sewing strips of wefted hair on to the braids. Weaves were originally designed for Afro-Caribbean hair. The amount of tracks required depends on the natural hair type. Women with Caucasian hair usually need between 4-7 wefts to extend their hair, whereas woman with Afro hair usually need to have all their hair plaited into cornrows and a full head weave.

Clip-in extensions are made up of strips of wefted hair that have clips sewn on to the top of the weft. The width of each weft differs according to which part of the head it is to be attached to. The amount of wefts needed will depend on the thickness required. The natural hair is parted into horizontal lines, then the hair where the clips will be placed are backcombed to help prevent them from slipping, and finally the clips are secured in place.

I am trained in Pre bonded, Fusion, Micro, Nano rings and Tape-in extensions. Micro and Nano extensions can be tightened and as long as you are looking after the hair, then these extensions can stay in for up to 12 months with maintenance. Fusion and pre bonded extensions are the most popular type of extension method, the bonds are not easily visible and allow the hair to move naturally.






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