Essential important tips for hair extensions

▪ Never go to sleep with wet hair, always make sure your extensions and bonds are dry before sleeping.

▪ Take care of your human hair extensions as you would your own natural hair and remember that like your natural hair your extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat or abuse.

▪ It is important that you should take good care of your extension to make the most of them by using the right aftercare products.

▪ When removing knots or tangles start at the ends and work your way up. Never pull on your Extensions.

▪ Gently tie your hair up in a ponytail before sleeping.

▪ Wash regularly with a mild shampoo designed for hair extensions in cool water.

▪ We also advise you that you should not wash your hair for two or three days after the extensions are fitting. Doing this will ensure that the bonds have enough time to set correctly and will reduce the possibility of hair shedding later on from your bonds.

▪ Keep your scalp moisturized, but avoid conditioners or silicone based products if your hair is bonded because these products will loosen the bonds.

▪ Wait until hair is completely dry before combing or brushing.

▪ One of the first things noticeable immediately after the extensions have been installed, for the next one or two days is that the scalp can feel tender. However, this is normal and it will go away within two days. This isn’t any type of problem but is caused because there is added weight on the scalp by the extensions.

▪ Hair will grow by approximately 1.5 inches within three months. Hair roots start tangling together often if the bonds have not been correctly separated..

▪ The lighter colours will have bleach content and so their life span will not be as long as hair that is not bleached. These light shades will also require more care and heat application will have to be avoided for improving lifespan. If you do use heat tools we high recommend using a thermal protection serum to help avoid damage from heat.

▪With the new hair extensions, it would not be necessary for you to wash hair as frequently as you normally would. You should not have to wash your hair more than two/three times per week. Any more than this will put a lot of stress on your extensions because of excessive styling.

▪ When rinsing hair, rinse for a few seconds extra as the extra volume created by your extension may mean it takes a little longer to rinse.

▪ If you have an oily scalp, the build up of natural oils could lead to your bonds slipping or falling out.

▪ After your hair has been washed you will have to be extra careful while styling and drying it. Hair is always weak when it is wet. Therefore, you should dry it gently and handle it carefully. Your hair extensions will have a longer life and they will look better if they are taken care of properly so it is worth investing a little extra time to do it right.

▪ If you regularly swim or are planning to on holiday whilst wearing your extensions we recommend that when swimming in the sea or a swimming pool you wear a protective bathing cap as the chemicals in the pool or salt levels in the sea may effect your extensions, which can cause discoloration or matting.

▪ Before fitting takes place the hair should be washed so its completely clean, this is also the case for maintenance.

▪ Avoid the keratin bonds when using tools such as hair dryer or straighteners, to much heat can cause the bonds to weaken

▪ It is quite normal for you to lose some hair when you brush since most people loose up to 100 hairs every day! You will be doing less damage if you have extensions since you would not be using the heat directly on natural hair.

▪ It is advised that you tie up hair in ponytail or loose plait when you sleep since it will reduce matting and tangles overnight.

▪ As hair extensions aren’t as strong as your normal hair some will loosen and drop out, don’t worry as this is normal on all extensions applications.