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  • Millie’s Prom Hair – Update

    I Supplied and fitted a 26″ sewn in weave in June (here’s the original blog post) for the beautiful Millie, I don’t often get asked for 26″ long as it ends past the waist but Millie had an image of what she wanted the style to look like on prom day, so needed length and…

  • Prom Hair weft – 26″

    Prom hair for Millie before and after having 26″ weft sewn in all ready for her prom. We’ve tried a new animated way of displaying this one, which we hope you like.

  • Prom Hair

    It’s been years since I’ve been to a prom ( I mean like FOREVER), but sometimes I do think about what I would wear and how I’d have my prom hair if I were to go again. When I went to my prom I had my haircut the week before into a blunt bob (I’d…

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