Full head of micro rings

Karen had long blond hair but dyed it Black to raise money for a cancer charity. She later tried to get the colour back to blond but with the bleaching her hair just broke.
I added a full head of micro rings is 2 blond shades and a caramel colour.

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Full head of micro rings in a darker colour

Katie had a full head of micro rings with 25 in a darker colour.  I was so pleased with how this looked,  the coloured streaks add more warmth to the hair.

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Jade’s new micro rings

I fitted Jade with a 1/2 Head of 22″ Micro Rings

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Full head of 18″ Micro rings

Charlie had shoulder length hair but wanted longer, thicker hair that went from her natural colour down to a dark blond.

She was worried about the  fusion bonds damaging her hair, so we went for a full head of 18” Micro loop extensions that can last up to 9 months if you have regular maintenance.

I’m really pleased with the results, it took 2 ½ hours to fit the extensions and I think you would agree Charlie looks beautiful with her new extensions.

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