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  • Mel’s Bridesmaid Hair

    Mel had a full head of 18″ Micro loop extensions in colour 99J and 33.  I also added a small amount of Colour Bug as Mel really liked my bright pink ombre hair at the consultation! I did trim the extensions to about 16″.  Mel has shared these photos of her at her best friends’…

  • Wendy’s deep wave 20″ micro loop extensions

    Lovely Wendy. Deep wave 20″ micro loop extensions. Love, love, love this!

  • Lovely review of Hannah’s micro loop extensions

    What a lovely review to receive on a Tuesday! Hannah posted on Google  “Would recommend to anyone! I’ve had my extensions for over a month now and am yet to need any maintenance, such good quality hair and amazing service from Bev! Thanks so much!” She also sent a beautiful picture, 1 month since fitting.…

  • 18 inch micro loop extensions

    Hannah had 18 inch micro loop extensions and wrote a lovely review – Thanks!

  • What type of hair extensions?

    Choosing what type of hair extensions to have can be very confusing as there are so many types and techniques. Here are the various ways of applying them… Micro Ring hair extensions are done by connecting tiny bits of pre-bundled hair to your existing hair using little rings or beads. Once the hair is pulled…

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