Black hair extensions

Love Kelly’s black hair extensions! 150 18″ fusion bonds colour 1

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Hair extensions after chemotherapy

This lovely lady has been through a hard year with surgery,  chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.
All she wanted was her hair back, sick of wearing heavy itchy wigs and not wanting to walk around with short hair as she felt “it was not her”. I wanted to help.

Her hair was only 1″ long,  so I used a full head of tiny tip extension so they were as undetectable as possible and finished with a middle parting lace closure which I then cut a fringe into.

I think she is an amazing lady,  I love meeting people who are on the same path that I have walked, as there is such an understanding for one another.  I’m so pleased that I got to be involved in a tiny part of her road to recovery. A truly amazing lovely lady

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Hair Extensions – Care and maintenance

Matted Hair Extensions
Matted Hair

Hair extensions, can be life changing. However, they’re not like our own hair and they must be maintained. You have to do a little work if you want them to last.

Sometimes if you are new to them you may not be aware of the maintenance that is required. You certainly can’t just leave them or you will encounter problems such as tangling and matting. Even with the purest and most expensive hair on the market, you still have do a little extra to care for them. Otherwise they can become a mess quickly.

The reason this happens is because, once the hair is sourced, cut and made, it no longer has the natural scalp oils which keep hair healthy and shiny. Our own hair has natural oils which nourish our hair, which is why we rarely experience matting or tangling.

For those who wear clip ins, you will still need to keep these maintained too. You can even buy synthetic shampoo if yours is not real. However, for those who are wearing semi-permanent hair extensions such as Micro loop hair extensions, your hair care routine is key.

If you have bought high quality hair extensions, it’s not the product that is defective.

Product Build Up

Leftover product, especially those products containing alcohol, cause hair extensions to dry = matting. Over time this will cause tangling. Dry shampoo also causes hair extensions to dry out very quickly and are not advised to be used. This also includes thermal spray.

Hair Care Routine

Hair extensions require a little love and care, so you should set aside 10 minutes a day to take care of the hair to ensure they last. Your hair care routine is most important, especially those who are wearing semi-permanent hair extensions. Without it, you will have a tangled mess sooner than later. Try using a weekly mask and oils. (without getting the oil on the bonds)

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Prom Hair

Two beautiful examples of prom hair, with long hair extensions
Prom Hair

It’s been years since I’ve been to a prom ( I mean like FOREVER), but sometimes I do think about what I would wear and how I’d have my prom hair if I were to go again. When I went to my prom I had my haircut the week before into a blunt bob (I’d always had really long hair) and I hated my new short style.

I’d purchased a dress I loved which was very grungy and very me at the time.  I had no clue that when I was to arrive at the prom all the other girls would be wearing long, floaty dresses (I looked so out of place) but I always was a little different, and I’d come to accept that.

Now 20 years later I see the photos on Facebook each year and realise proms are so much bigger and more important than back when I was leaving school.  Beautiful dresses, eyebrows re shaped and coloured, gel nails, facial, professions make up…. It reminds me of the run up to my Wedding!

I wish there had been more focus on it when I finished school, but now I get the opportunity to help others create wonderful prom hair! Why would you not want to look your absolute best.

If you want to follow the latest trend of having very long hair that is wavy and has braids weaving in and out of the style, or perhaps a long fishtail plait (but you don’t have the length or the volume) then look no further!

At Trending Hair we can add hair extensions to add both length and thickness, we can even supply and fit real human clip in hair, ready for styling on the day of your prom and these can be re-used to. We also do sewn-in braids, micro, nano ring and fusion bonded if you want to keep the style for a few months.

Consultations are free and no obligation.  Every girl should look and feel fabulous at her prom x

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Hair extensions for men

mario falcone harry styles
Mario & Harry

Ladies across the world pride themselves on their beautiful extensions. But what many people don’t know is that Trending Hair can also be used to transform the hair of men too!

Long, thick hair has been all the rage among men, with many men sporting Man Buns (which I think look really hot). This summer could be the time for a brand new look, many salons and stylists have seen a surge in the demand from men for high quiffs and long wavy locks to mirror the looks of celebrities like Harry Styles and Mario Falcone.

It does provide you with a higher sense of self confidence for those men who are trying to avoid balding and others who are trying to create a new and unique look for themselves they can replace in a few months when they want something else!

In regards to the care of your new hair extensions you don’t have to do anything special to maintain this hair for the duration of 3 months. There are several different types of hair extensions some that are attached by fusion bond (glue) and others that are a type of clip (called a micro ring) that can be readjusted as your real hair grows to make sure you hair is always even and this way does not damage your hair as the glue can.

When it comes to washing and styling you can do everything the same as you did before, except now you have more styling options than ever before! If you are worried about the care of your hair extensions, Trending Hair will have no problems explaining everything to you. You never have to worry about anyone knowing about your extensions because the bonds are buried under your real hair so they will never be accidentally revealed when you don’t want them to be.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with male hair extensions, in fact they have become just as popular as women’s hair extensions today. It is the perfect solution for thinning or balding hair and can make you feel like a new man.

Extensions for men can last up to three months and only take around 45 minutes to apply. Because the bonds are cut so small, they are not visible and our 100% human hair looks, feels and behaves exactly like your natural hair, you won’t know the difference yourself.

To join this growing trend of men using extensions to get a few extra inches, why not book a free consultation, we only use top quality 100% human hair extensions to add colour, volume and length to hair.

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Hair extensions for those with short or damaged hair

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Has anyone ever told you that your hair is too short or too damaged to get hair extensions?
Let me explain why that is just a myth…

Many people will say that if you have short hair or you need a trim before the extensions are fitted, that the hair will then be to short. Or they say your hair is damaged, so you cannot have extensions as they wont take the weight of the extra hair. This is not true.

If your hair is severely damaged and if there is no way to recover from that, you will need to have quite a lot cut off, but that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t have hair extensions. I’ve been able to work with hair that is only 3 inches long. However, depending on the look you desire it may require some extra time spent styling it every day to make sure the bonds are not seen.

If hair seems too fragile, I will always put in a couple of test strands on a new client, to ensure that your own hair can handle the added weight of the extension. Therefore it’s always best to have a consultation prior to your application appointment with Trending hair to get your personal style assessed. After that, I custom design every individual head of hair based on what is possible.

If your hair is damaged from bleach, overuse of straightening systems or other chemicals, hair extensions can be used to mask the damage while at the same time restoring your own natural hair to its full and optimal health over time. If hair is damaged or very short I can install the extensions, using a Nano ring method which can be applied in such a customized way, that they are virtually undetectable. This also means the bonds are very small so there is no pulling on your own hair.

So before you believe all the myths and rumors about hair extensions out there, come and have a consultation with me at Trending hair

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Wedding Day Hair

Wedding hair extensions
Wedding Hair

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, no one can blame you for wanting to look amazing in front of your family, friends and most importantly, your future husband!

Way before the big day you should start preparing your hair so that it is in the best possible condition. Start this by having your hair trimmed regularly and using conditioners and hair masks.

Choosing your hairstyle takes time and should not be left until weeks before the big day as this could result in unnecessary stress. You could end up with a look that doesn’t go with your dress, doesn’t suit you or that just hasn’t turned out how you had imagined.

If you are wearing hair extensions on your big day then these should be applied at least a month before your wedding. This will give you time to get used to the extensions and for the bonds settle in with your hair. It also gives you a chance to test different bridal styles and ensure you are 100% happy.

I’m not trying to convince you to try out a crazy new style on the day when you’ll have photographic evidence for the rest of your life but at the same time, don’t be afraid of enhancing your existing locks, to ensure they reach their full potential on your wedding day.

Once you have an idea of how you may wish to wear your hair, consider if Trending Hair extensions can be used to take your hair from pretty to perfect.

We have have a range of natural colours that will blend seamlessly with your hair, increasing volume and length – what bride could say no to that? Best of all, the bonds are tiny and discreet so it is still possible to wear hair up in a variety of different styles!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a fantastic selection of Bridal and Bridesmaid dresses in Hemel, head over to our friends at Flawless Frocks!

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What type of hair extensions?

Pre-bonded and Weave hair extensions
Pre-bonded and Weave

Choosing what type of hair extensions to have can be very confusing as there are so many types and techniques. Here are the various ways of applying them…

Micro Ring hair extensions are done by connecting tiny bits of pre-bundled hair to your existing hair using little rings or beads. Once the hair is pulled through the ring it is compressed to ensure a good hold. Micro Loops work on the same principle but eliminate the need of a separate loop tool. This is because every bundle of hair has a loop and bead pre-connected. This makes for faster application. Micro Rings can be unclamped and reused. Micro Loops can only be adjusted.

Pre bonded hair extensions are pre-tipped bundles of hair that use a heating tool to connect to your natural hair. They are usually made of protein based keratin polymer.

Fusion Bonded hair extensions come as loose strands with no bond attached, which means our technician can mix various colours to give you a very natural look – making the bonds as small as you wish with a safe resin

Nano Ring hair extensions are the newest and most advanced hair system, they provide the smallest and most undetected bond. They are very similar to micro rings but 90% smaller bond.

Tape-in extensions are small wefts of hair that can be taped to your existing hair. The most popular tape-in hair weft size is 1.5″ long and the industry makes pre-cut tape tabs to fit them. If needed, tape-In hair wefts can range in size to about 8″. Tape-In extensions can be removed with solvent and reused by buying additional double sided tape.

Weave extensions are applied by plaiting the natural hair into horizontal tracks, and sewing strips of wefted hair on to the braids. Weaves were originally designed for Afro-Caribbean hair. The amount of tracks required depends on the natural hair type. Women with Caucasian hair usually need between 4-7 wefts to extend their hair, whereas woman with Afro hair usually need to have all their hair plaited into cornrows and a full head weave.

Clip-in extensions are made up of strips of wefted hair that have clips sewn on to the top of the weft. The width of each weft differs according to which part of the head it is to be attached to. The amount of wefts needed will depend on the thickness required. The natural hair is parted into horizontal lines, then the hair where the clips will be placed are backcombed to help prevent them from slipping, and finally the clips are secured in place.

I am trained in Pre bonded, Fusion, Micro, Nano rings and Tape-in extensions. Micro and Nano extensions can be tightened and as long as you are looking after the hair, then these extensions can stay in for up to 12 months with maintenance. Fusion and pre bonded extensions are the most popular type of extension method, the bonds are not easily visible and allow the hair to move naturally.

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Me and my obsession with hair

Bev with short hair

My obsession is real.
I never appreciated how much I loved hair when I was younger, I tried to keep up with the trends but most of the time it was just a long hot-arsed mess that I tied in a knot on top of my head.

My Obsession started with the words: “Beverley, you have Cancer”, I remember feeling shocked and wanting to run away as fast as I could, but the words kept coming… surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drugs…. hang on CHEMOTHERAPY??? Oh god I’m going to lose my hair! I should have been thinking about the cancer, the year I had ahead of me, that I needed to beat this… but all I thought about was my hair.

The chemo date was set and the countdown began, I was told my hair would fall out quickly and details given to me for the NHS wig service. Now, I owe my life to the NHS and won’t hear a bad word said about them….but would I want to walk around in a synthetic NHS wig?… NO I would not!

I booked myself into a London wig shop, it was the kind of place you go when you are planning a big night out or want an image change. I remember walking in and the sales assistant asked what special occasion the wig was for? “Cancer”, I said. Her face dropped (I should have played along making up some fancy night out, but I was nervous). After trying on about 20 wigs in all different colours, lengths and styles I chose three. One of them I just loved, it was the kind of style I was never brave enough to have (a bob with a fringe that was longer at the front).

A few days before my first chemo, a friend of mine took me out to the cinema. This was the perfect time to wear my wig, check that no one stared at me. So I scrunched all my own hair under the wig and off we went, I felt like a super star! My hair looked amazing, I felt amazing and my obsession began.

Of course the day came when I woke up to find half my hair still on the pillow, the other half hanging on for dear life! The clippers were out and the remaining hair was gone, now for most this would be a terrible day…but for me it was so exciting for two very big reasons: number one the chemo was working, number two (and slightly more exciting to me) was that I could wear my wig!

The rest of the day was spent taking selfies and posting them online, texting photos of myself to friends and family and just generally posing in front of the mirror (I looked more on trend than I had ever looked). I walked to the local corner shop (a place I went to every week), the shop assistant looked at me and said… “My god, I love your hair, what made you change it?”. My response, “I’m trying to look younger” (I was 30 at the time)
Of course I did walk in the same shop the following week, with a different wig. The same shop assistant looked at me, then served me with no eye contact nor a word spoken, I guess the penny dropped.

Now there are many reasons why wigs are amazing, you just shake them and they fall perfectly back into their style. There is never a bad hair day, if you fancy a change you just chose a different wig and if you feel sad you treat yourself to a new wig, no hassle curling or straightening before going out.

Eventually, my Oncologist said my hair will start growing soon (he said this with a smile). WTF? No not my own hair, I love my wigs! I could not stop thinking about my real hair, should I just keep shaving it off for the rest of my life?

My hair grew and the wigs were no longer comfortable so I swapped them for very large flowers on headbands while my hair did crazy styles as it grew back resembling a wire haired dachshund that had an electric shock… it was uncontrollable.
This went on for some time. My collection of flowers was immense and people at work referred to me as the girl with the flower! As soon as my hair was long enough and strong enough I started having hair extensions. I was so happy, I no longer looked like someone that either had no style what so ever or someone that was recovering from cancer. 6 years on (and in remission) and I’m obsessed with my hair, other people’s hair and I really do believe, life feels better when you have great hair!

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Feels like Summer’s coming!

Summer Hair Extensions
Summer hair

Many of us are booking summer holidays at the moment (I’ve booked mine). Though instead of thinking about the amazing time in the sun that I will have, with a Pina Colada in my hand, I find my mind wandering somewhat to a whole new level…. I need to get my priorities sorted …. What am I talking about I here you ask?…. HAIR… My Hair.

What kind of style will I have for my holiday?
I have visions of walking down the beach with perfect sexy wavy hair that looks like I have made no effort at all, but I’m rocking the look all the same. That perfect wave and just the right length down my back gently blowing in the summer breeze.

But is it that simple? I could have new hair extensions to give me the perfect wavy hair with perhaps a hint of Ombre to make it look like I’ve been in the sun for months looking this amazing. Or then again, I could use this time to have a more punk image with flashes of pink and purple. Or what about just dark, thick, long, natural looking hair so I could walk along the beach looking like an Italian Goddess.
So many styles I dream about, all of them possible after only a 2-3 hour fitting time… but which style do I want for this holiday of mine?

There is only one answer… I need to book another 2 holidays this year, so I can have try them all!

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