Caring for your hair – Split Ends

Split Ends
Split Ends

Split Ends! Making a big difference to the quality of your hair ends.

Is your hair long enough to get caught under coat collars or under shoulder straps ? If so, be careful not to get your hair caught, getting your hair caught in a zipper causes terrible damage.

Does your hair blow in the wind? Wind knots up hair. Knots damage the hair., causing more splits. Eventually the damaged length splits. Put your hair in a ponytail when you are going to be in a lot of wind.

Do you use conditioner when you shampoo? If you want long hair you need to condition it EVERY time you shampoo. If nothing else, it helps detangle the hair. You also might consider using a leave in conditioner.

You can oil the length of your hair daily.  Put a small drop in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and lightly apply the oil to the ends only of the hair.

After you’ve shampooed, brushing wet hair is bad for the hair. Hair is most delicate when wet. Brushing tends to stretch the strands. Stretching the strands puts wear and tear, which causes damage, which causes splits.

When you brush or comb your hair, whether it is wet or dry you need to always begin brushing/combing at the ends. Go up about 3-4 inches, brush/comb from there to the ends, move up some more. Continue the process. Never rip through knots.

To trim splits ends  you need a good pair of HAIR scissors. You can buy some at online. They come in ALL price ranges. Whatever you do, use these scissors ONLY for hair. Using scissors for anything else will damage the edge, which will cut the hair poorly, which will cause splits.

Many splits and damage occur above the last inch or so of hair. If your hair is so split that the splits can be seen by other people then an overall trim will benefit you. Otherwise, work on how you are handling your hair and trimming off individually damaged hairs.

When you begin trimming splits, it can seem a daunting task. Many people notice “more splits” when they begin trimming them away.  But this is just because you are more aware of them and not that there are more.






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