Prom Hair

Two beautiful examples of prom hair, with long hair extensions
Prom Hair

It’s been years since I’ve been to a prom ( I mean like FOREVER), but sometimes I do think about what I would wear and how I’d have my prom hair if I were to go again. When I went to my prom I had my haircut the week before into a blunt bob (I’d always had really long hair) and I hated my new short style.

I’d purchased a dress I loved which was very grungy and very me at the time.  I had no clue that when I was to arrive at the prom all the other girls would be wearing long, floaty dresses (I looked so out of place) but I always was a little different, and I’d come to accept that.

Now 20 years later I see the photos on Facebook each year and realise proms are so much bigger and more important than back when I was leaving school.  Beautiful dresses, eyebrows re shaped and coloured, gel nails, facial, professions make up…. It reminds me of the run up to my Wedding!

I wish there had been more focus on it when I finished school, but now I get the opportunity to help others create wonderful prom hair! Why would you not want to look your absolute best.

If you want to follow the latest trend of having very long hair that is wavy and has braids weaving in and out of the style, or perhaps a long fishtail plait (but you don’t have the length or the volume) then look no further!

At Trending Hair we can add hair extensions to add both length and thickness, we can even supply and fit real human clip in hair, ready for styling on the day of your prom and these can be re-used to. We also do sewn-in braids, micro, nano ring and fusion bonded if you want to keep the style for a few months.

Consultations are free and no obligation.  Every girl should look and feel fabulous at her prom x





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