Millie’s Prom Hair – Update

I Supplied and fitted a 26″ sewn in weave in June (here’s the original blog post) for the beautiful Millie, I don’t often get asked for 26″ long as it ends past the waist but Millie had an image of what she wanted the style to look like on prom day, so needed length and thickness (she could have always had a trim after prom).
I was so excited yesterday to received these lovely photos of the big day.  She looks so amazing, I love the dress and make up, she put so much effort into the style she wanted and you can really see that with the finished results.
The weave was straight to match her natural hair, using 5 layers of weft to build up the thickness whilst adding length.  Millie added body to her hair style with a gentle curl.
thank you for sharing your photos with trending hair Millie. x






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