Hair extensions for those with short or damaged hair

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Has anyone ever told you that your hair is too short or too damaged to get hair extensions?
Let me explain why that is just a myth…

Many people will say that if you have short hair or you need a trim before the extensions are fitted, that the hair will then be to short. Or they say your hair is damaged, so you cannot have extensions as they wont take the weight of the extra hair. This is not true.

If your hair is severely damaged and if there is no way to recover from that, you will need to have quite a lot cut off, but that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t have hair extensions. I’ve been able to work with hair that is only 3 inches long. However, depending on the look you desire it may require some extra time spent styling it every day to make sure the bonds are not seen.

If hair seems too fragile, I will always put in a couple of test strands on a new client, to ensure that your own hair can handle the added weight of the extension. Therefore it’s always best to have a consultation prior to your application appointment with Trending hair to get your personal style assessed. After that, I custom design every individual head of hair based on what is possible.

If your hair is damaged from bleach, overuse of straightening systems or other chemicals, hair extensions can be used to mask the damage while at the same time restoring your own natural hair to its full and optimal health over time. If hair is damaged or very short I can install the extensions, using a Nano ring method which can be applied in such a customized way, that they are virtually undetectable. This also means the bonds are very small so there is no pulling on your own hair.

So before you believe all the myths and rumors about hair extensions out there, come and have a consultation with me at Trending hair





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