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Mario & Harry

Ladies across the world pride themselves on their beautiful extensions. But what many people don’t know is that Trending Hair can also be used to transform the hair of men too!

Long, thick hair has been all the rage among men, with many men sporting Man Buns (which I think look really hot). This summer could be the time for a brand new look, many salons and stylists have seen a surge in the demand from men for high quiffs and long wavy locks to mirror the looks of celebrities like Harry Styles and Mario Falcone.

It does provide you with a higher sense of self confidence for those men who are trying to avoid balding and others who are trying to create a new and unique look for themselves they can replace in a few months when they want something else!

In regards to the care of your new hair extensions you don’t have to do anything special to maintain this hair for the duration of 3 months. There are several different types of hair extensions some that are attached by fusion bond (glue) and others that are a type of clip (called a micro ring) that can be readjusted as your real hair grows to make sure you hair is always even and this way does not damage your hair as the glue can.

When it comes to washing and styling you can do everything the same as you did before, except now you have more styling options than ever before! If you are worried about the care of your hair extensions, Trending Hair will have no problems explaining everything to you. You never have to worry about anyone knowing about your extensions because the bonds are buried under your real hair so they will never be accidentally revealed when you don’t want them to be.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with male hair extensions, in fact they have become just as popular as women’s hair extensions today. It is the perfect solution for thinning or balding hair and can make you feel like a new man.

Extensions for men can last up to three months and only take around 45 minutes to apply. Because the bonds are cut so small, they are not visible and our 100% human hair looks, feels and behaves exactly like your natural hair, you won’t know the difference yourself.

To join this growing trend of men using extensions to get a few extra inches, why not book a free consultation, we only use top quality 100% human hair extensions to add colour, volume and length to hair.





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