Hair advice for Bad Hair Days

Bad Hair Extensions
Bad Hair

Waking up to a bad hair extension day should be a thing of the past! You can achieve gorgeous hair while you sleep. How? Simple. What you do before bedtime will ultimately determine the condition of your hair in the morning and there are some easy tricks you can do tonight to save time and frustration.

Hair advice

Be gentle with your extensions. Don’t style your hair into tight ponytails or braids. Put your hair into loose plaits or a loose bun for sleeping and swimming and use a special extension brush so not to put tension on the bonds.

If you want the effect of a natural wave in the morning, try putting your hair in one large loose braid or two smaller ones while your hair is still slightly damp. In the morning, gently take out the braids and style with your fingers (brushing will make it frizzy) and finish with a little hair spray.

You can also try putting your hair in a topknot. After shampooing, towel dry your hair and again when it is still slightly damp, style your hair into a loose bun (making sure it’s not too high up that it puts pressure on the bonds). When you wake up in the morning, undo the bun and enjoy the loose waves you have created finishing with a little hairspray.

If you like to sleep with your hair down, it’s time to kick that bad habit. It’s better to sleep with your hair contained. Tossing and turning causes an all-around mess. This results in knots and tangles that add more stress to your hair when trying to brush it out.

These are very simple ideas for having a quick and easy style every morning, many people believe that having hair extensions installed will add to the your styling time every morning, but in fact the opposite is true… the hair needs less styling as the extra weight and thickness helps stop those bad hair days.






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