Festival Hair at Red Rooster

Last weekend I went to my first ever festival.  I had no idea what to expect or what the music was going to be like (I’ve never heard of any of the bands before)

The festival was called Red Rooster, it was a Rhythm and Blues weekend with R&B, Blues, Soul and Country music.

We pitched our tent, poured ourselves a drink and went for a wander. The grounds were beautiful, with dungarees hanging from the trees (which made no sense to me until we reached the crowds of people), then I realised this was kind of the fashion code for the weekend.  We found the tent that was selling vintage dungarees and purchased ourselves a pair each.

The music was great, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone we met were so friendly. The food on site was very relevant to the theme of the festival with southern fried chicken, Gumbo, smokehouse  and a mac and cheese stall.

I could not help looking at all the amazing hair styles and found myself having hair envy quite a few times.  In the end I decided the only thing to do was ask to take photos of the festival hair styles I loved. Some people said no, which I understand as they wanted to stay unique and not be copied, but others were more than happy to have their hair in my blog.

There were also people doing face painting with lots of glitter (so I had a glitter eye all of Saturday), then on Sunday I basically had glitter everywhere!

But it got me thinking about doing hair extensions next year at the festival, Just five brightly coloured micro rings for those wanting to join in with the multi coloured trend of the weekend.

I have spoken to the organiser and it seems a possibility, very exciting…. Watch this space!





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