Feels like Summer’s coming!

Summer Hair Extensions
Summer hair

Many of us are booking summer holidays at the moment (I’ve booked mine). Though instead of thinking about the amazing time in the sun that I will have, with a Pina Colada in my hand, I find my mind wandering somewhat to a whole new level…. I need to get my priorities sorted …. What am I talking about I here you ask?…. HAIR… My Hair.

What kind of style will I have for my holiday?
I have visions of walking down the beach with perfect sexy wavy hair that looks like I have made no effort at all, but I’m rocking the look all the same. That perfect wave and just the right length down my back gently blowing in the summer breeze.

But is it that simple? I could have new hair extensions to give me the perfect wavy hair with perhaps a hint of Ombre to make it look like I’ve been in the sun for months looking this amazing. Or then again, I could use this time to have a more punk image with flashes of pink and purple. Or what about just dark, thick, long, natural looking hair so I could walk along the beach looking like an Italian Goddess.
So many styles I dream about, all of them possible after only a 2-3 hour fitting time… but which style do I want for this holiday of mine?

There is only one answer… I need to book another 2 holidays this year, so I can have try them all!





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