Since I turned 40 in July I have been feeling unhappy about the way I look, not really about my age because after being so sick when I was 30 I still believe getting old is such a privilege. But I definitely felt like I was overweight and perhaps could do with putting a little bit more effort into the way I look.

Beginning of September I joined weight watchers and began to exercise a little more than what I have been doing, this has been a great success so far with me losing 21 lb by the beginning of December! I still have more weight to go but I am feeling so much happier about myself.

One thing that is hard is most of my customers take pride in their appearance and always have lovely nails, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair of course. Then there is me, most days I look like an overweight girl that’s been dragged through a bush backwards! So I’ve started getting my nails done too in the last month as a treat to myself for sticking to my diet.

I have always had very thin light-coloured eyebrows which is strange as my hair is very dark, and with eyebrows being such a thing these days I started getting eyebrow envy nearly every day. So I decided to go and investigate the options I have at a lovely shop just round the corner from where I live that do semi-permanent make up.

So I met the lovely Amy from Absentia. I was in the shop discussing eyebrows and then we got on the subject of eyeliner, so I ended up leaving the shop with a booking for brush stroke brows and eyeliner. I was very excited about the eyeliner and very nervous about the eyebrows, the last time (and only time) I went out with my eyebrows penciled in, I met my boyfriend in the pub and he looked too long in the direction of my eyebrows, then asked me what I had done. Needless to say I went straight to the pub toilets and washed my eyebrows straight off.

The day came for my eyeliner to be done, it was slightly uncomfortable but not painful and even though there was swelling afterwards I absolutely loved them, they even had a tiny flick at the end. I think I will keep having this done even when I’m 90 because I love it that much.

The following day I went back for my eyebrows, I felt sick with worry, what if my boyfriend hates my face after this, what if my parents find out (I know, I know, I’m 40 what does it matter) but it does matter to me that they are not disappointed in me.

Amy marked my face up and said she would not make my eyebrows to big, so I relaxed into it and when we stopped halfway through I had a sneaky peek and they looked amazing too. So after another hour she had finished and I looked at them, they were perfect but just so dark and big, I felt like my face was not my face. Amy said it was because of swelling and that it would fade in about 10 days.

That night I was freaking out about my eyebrows and I had work, I wore a hat pulled right down to my eyebrows all the way through work, my customer probably thinks I’ve lost the plot. I will explain to her next time I see her.

Day 3 after having my eyebrows tattooed on, I’m due to go out for dinner with my friend Anita. Obviously the hat is coming with me to dinner as I’ve not taken it off, I’ve even been wearing it to bed as I fear my son would not recognise me with these new gigantic eyebrows. He did ask the question “what’s with the hat?” and i told him I was feeling very cold all the time!

When I got to Anita’s she just kept saying how wonderful the eyebrows are, then her friend Sarah came round and loved my eyebrows too, so the hat stayed at home and me and my eyebrows went out for dinner.

My boyfriend said on day 4 when i saw him that he really liked my eyebrows but that he felt he was staring at them a lot haha. My parents did not mention my eyebrows when I saw them on day 9 but they did keep saying how well I looked…. So I got away with that one.

I’m 16 days past having my eyebrows done now and I love, love, love them, they have faded slightly and shrunk as the swelling has gone down.

More things on the list I would like to try is semi permanent lipstick and Botox. Should I wear a name badge from now on while working, so all my lovely customer know that it is me… “Bev, just an updated version” x






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