Anyone else stick their hair up in a messy bun as soon as they get in from work, put comfy pyjamas on and that’s how you stay until the morning?

Holly Willoughby posted a selfie on Instagram with bed hair and I’m not sure I would be that brave myself, but then again I don’t have Hollys beautiful face to rock the look.

I’m excited that in Weymouth clients are starting to book in for December making sure they have their Christmas hair ready and perfect for the big day, and of course hopefully for the Christmas party’s (unless Boris puts a ban on them) 

We have picked up a fair few new clients since relocating to Dorset and December is looking like it’s going to be a busy one.

I however will not be looking immaculate with my extensions perfectly styled on Christmas day as I have decided to sea swim in the morning and have started swimming in Weymouth bay a few times a week to get acclimatised to the temperatures dropping, it’s very enjoyable.  I may try and put my hair in french plaits when it’s wet and go for a wavy look on Boxing Day.






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