Hair Extensions Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London

Hair extensions in Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London
At Trending hair I never know where I will be from one week to the next (which adds to the excitement of running my own company). Some customers like to come to me in the evenings after they have finished work.  But others like to have their hair extensions fitted in the comfort of their own home.
Last week I travelled to Dunstable in Bedfordshire to fit a full head of Nano rings ready for a wedding, Amersham in Buckinghamshire for Micro rings and Cookham in Berkshire to remove existing extensions and fit a full head of Pre bonded.
Hemel Hempstead is where I am based and frequently visit places like Watford, St Albans, Berkhamstead, Luton, Milton Keynes, Tring, Bushey, Stanmore and Harrow but have even travelled as far as Surrey.
The main areas I cover are Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and North London.
I often have people contact me wanting extensions but can’t travel to me as they don’t drive or have young children at home. Then they worry that they live an hours drive from me and think this is too far for me to travel. This is not a problem at all, I’m happy to travel!

If you are thinking of having hair extensions and want them fitted in your own home;
Text or Whatsapp me on 07951 194170
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Growing out your hair

Growing out hair
Growing out hair

Is it hard for you to grow out your natural hair? Did you chop your hair off only to find you’re missing your long locks again (we have all been there).  Natural hair growth is a slow process that can definitely test your patience at times, it took me 4 years to regrow my hair to a length I was happy with after losing my hair through Chemo treatment.

The growth rate for natural hair is about half of an inch per month and six inches per year. Factors like stress and unhealthy ends can sure make this process go even slower. Stress is a very common hair loss problem that can affect the rate in which your hair grows. Split or dry ends break off, making it seem like you haven’t gained even a half inch of your natural hair strands.

Did you know Trending Hair can help you grow out your hair again?

Trending Hair gives you an option for growing out your natural hair,  because hair extensions are a financial investment, you tend to be more gentle and more caring of your hair. You’re more conscious of the way you brush, how much heat you apply, and even how you wash. With Micro or Nano rings you’ll find that by your next move-up appointment (usually 6-8 weeks after initial installation) your hair has grown some. As your natural hair grows, the extensions move lower and lower so you’ll be able to tell something is different.

This is a great way to get the longer hair you crave, but at the same time allowing your own hair to grow, Micro and Nano rings are not glued to your hair so cause no damage, and the rings are silicone lined so are gentle on your hair.

If the ends of your hair are splitting or seem somewhat dry, hair products such as hair masks, conditioners, and other treatments can help to repair them while you wear your hair extensions.

Why not book a free consultation, and let Trending hair make you look amazing while you grown out your old style.

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Lovely Jasmine had a full head of ombre, 16″, u-tip, pre-bonded hair extensions. She looks amazing!


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Hair extensions for men

mario falcone harry styles
Mario & Harry

Ladies across the world pride themselves on their beautiful extensions. But what many people don’t know is that Trending Hair can also be used to transform the hair of men too!

Long, thick hair has been all the rage among men, with many men sporting Man Buns (which I think look really hot). This summer could be the time for a brand new look, many salons and stylists have seen a surge in the demand from men for high quiffs and long wavy locks to mirror the looks of celebrities like Harry Styles and Mario Falcone.

It does provide you with a higher sense of self confidence for those men who are trying to avoid balding and others who are trying to create a new and unique look for themselves they can replace in a few months when they want something else!

In regards to the care of your new hair extensions you don’t have to do anything special to maintain this hair for the duration of 3 months. There are several different types of hair extensions some that are attached by fusion bond (glue) and others that are a type of clip (called a micro ring) that can be readjusted as your real hair grows to make sure you hair is always even and this way does not damage your hair as the glue can.

When it comes to washing and styling you can do everything the same as you did before, except now you have more styling options than ever before! If you are worried about the care of your hair extensions, Trending Hair will have no problems explaining everything to you. You never have to worry about anyone knowing about your extensions because the bonds are buried under your real hair so they will never be accidentally revealed when you don’t want them to be.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with male hair extensions, in fact they have become just as popular as women’s hair extensions today. It is the perfect solution for thinning or balding hair and can make you feel like a new man.

Extensions for men can last up to three months and only take around 45 minutes to apply. Because the bonds are cut so small, they are not visible and our 100% human hair looks, feels and behaves exactly like your natural hair, you won’t know the difference yourself.

To join this growing trend of men using extensions to get a few extra inches, why not book a free consultation, we only use top quality 100% human hair extensions to add colour, volume and length to hair.

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Jade’s new micro rings

I fitted Jade with a 1/2 Head of 22″ Micro Rings

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How to prepare your hair for hair extensions

Hair Scissors Combs Dryers
Hair extensions are popular to add length and volume to an individual’s hair. Extensions allow individuals to have the hair they’ve always wanted but could never have. There are several ways that you can add extensions to your hair. However, it is important to properly prepare your hair for extensions prior to adding them, so that your hair is healthy, looks good and avoids unnecessary damage.

Decide which type of hair extension you want. Research the various types of hair extensions ways the hair is bonded to your hair.  If any of your friends have tried different methods of extensions, it’s good to discuss this with them and gather as much information.

Schedule a consultation. Discuss any questions you may have, Trending hair will get as close to your natural hair colour as possible, so you won’t have to change your hair colour for the extensions to match.

Prepare your hair prior to having your extensions added. Shampoo your hair on the morning of your fitting appointment, rinse thoroughly and avoid conditioners and styling gels.  The extensions will have a better bond if the hair is clean and free from any products.

Hair Dye: If you dye your hair a certain colour, do this the week before having your consultation, so it has settled and we can match the color as best as possible. Coloring your hair after the consultation might mean the extensions don’t match.

Blow dry your hair, if needed, on a low setting. Do not use a round brush or any other styling tools. Your hair should be in its most natural condition for the individual extensions to adhere to your hair as best as possible.

Knots on hair.  If your hair is easily tangled make sure to remove all knots prior to using a shampoo, and then again after shampooing. Knots can make the extension process more difficult.

Perming or straightening.  Do not perm or relax your hair after your consultation and before your extensions appointment. I judge how much hair to purchase and how to do the extensions based on the condition of the hair during the consultation.

Haircuts.  If you feel like your hair needs a trim just to remove split ends, make sure your hairdresser knows it’s just a trim on the very ends as you are due to have extensions fitted.

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Full head of 18″ Micro rings

Charlie had shoulder length hair but wanted longer, thicker hair that went from her natural colour down to a dark blond.

She was worried about the  fusion bonds damaging her hair, so we went for a full head of 18” Micro loop extensions that can last up to 9 months if you have regular maintenance.

I’m really pleased with the results, it took 2 ½ hours to fit the extensions and I think you would agree Charlie looks beautiful with her new extensions.

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Growing out your fringe

Growing out your fringe

Deciding to get a fringe cut in, is a big decision for most of us and the inevitable growing out phase is sometimes enough to put you off. However let me show you how easy it can be to let your fringe grow out when you eventually do fancy a change and ease the frustrations of battling the bangs. Check out these simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of your tresses during that awkward in between stage and in fact, embrace the versatility of your hairstyle transformation.

When you’re trying to grow your fringe out, having regular trims are your very best friend. Not only do they keep your ends looking fresh and healthy and help your locks grow quicker. Snipping away at your tresses may seem like the very last thing you want to do but topping up your trims will enhance your hair’s ability to absorb the essential moisture and nutrients it needs to prevent breakage that will slow down growth. Ask your stylist to start blending your fringe into the rest of your hair to ensure your style still looks its very best.

If you’ve hit that awkward in between stage, don’t be tempted to re cut in your fringe, as you will only regret it in the long run. Instead be patient and remember you still have lots of options. Rolling the lengths of the fringe and securing with a hair grip is a good way to grow it out.

Growing out your fringe doesn’t have to leave you feeling limited and frustrated, it can mean trying new exciting styles you may not have experimented with otherwise. Longer bangs can be swept into a side parting for a simple but super chic look. An angled parting is the perfect way to disguise awkward lengths and mask any tell-tale signs whilst looking great at the same time. What was once a painstaking ordeal now turns into a great way to soften any hairstyle and makes for the perfect way to frame your face.  Accessories can even be a whole new world of experimentation with pretty clips, hair bands and braids. 

Or why not add some extensions to give a layered effect around the face to blend in the fringe while it grows out.

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Hair advice for Bad Hair Days

Bad Hair Extensions
Bad Hair

Waking up to a bad hair extension day should be a thing of the past! You can achieve gorgeous hair while you sleep. How? Simple. What you do before bedtime will ultimately determine the condition of your hair in the morning and there are some easy tricks you can do tonight to save time and frustration.

Hair advice

Be gentle with your extensions. Don’t style your hair into tight ponytails or braids. Put your hair into loose plaits or a loose bun for sleeping and swimming and use a special extension brush so not to put tension on the bonds.

If you want the effect of a natural wave in the morning, try putting your hair in one large loose braid or two smaller ones while your hair is still slightly damp. In the morning, gently take out the braids and style with your fingers (brushing will make it frizzy) and finish with a little hair spray.

You can also try putting your hair in a topknot. After shampooing, towel dry your hair and again when it is still slightly damp, style your hair into a loose bun (making sure it’s not too high up that it puts pressure on the bonds). When you wake up in the morning, undo the bun and enjoy the loose waves you have created finishing with a little hairspray.

If you like to sleep with your hair down, it’s time to kick that bad habit. It’s better to sleep with your hair contained. Tossing and turning causes an all-around mess. This results in knots and tangles that add more stress to your hair when trying to brush it out.

These are very simple ideas for having a quick and easy style every morning, many people believe that having hair extensions installed will add to the your styling time every morning, but in fact the opposite is true… the hair needs less styling as the extra weight and thickness helps stop those bad hair days.

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How to curl your hair

How to curl your hair
Hair Curls

There are so many types of rollers and tongs in the shops these days, you are spoilt for choice on how to curl your hair, you’d think getting lasting waves would be easy. Many of us still struggle to make a curl hang on in there for more than a few minutes. The good news is there are usually some very simple reasons why your curls are falling out and almost all of them are easily fixable. Here are the reasons your curls might not be lasting:
The best way to make a curl stay in hair is to change the state of the hair as you curl, this means you either go from wet to dry or from hot to cold. A wet set is very gentle on your hair and will always last the longest as the hair dries into shape. To do a wet set, wash and towel-dry hair, add your chosen holding product, then create your curls either with rollers, bendy rollers or even rags. Never use heated tools on wet hair, for quicker results, going from hot to cold will have the same effect, using hot rollers, steam rollers or tongs.

When you’re trying to get your hair to do something it doesn’t naturally do, you need to give it some help. For hot tools, you’ll need a heat protector. Then choose a holding product that will help keep the curls. If your hair has a natural wave, a curl-enhancing mousse provides hold and staying power. However, if you have straight hair, you’ll need something with more impact, like an activating mousse

One of the biggest mistakes we make when trying to create a lasting curl is to use a tool like a curling iron. These are great for ease of use and will give a nice temporary curl, but those curls will drop very quickly, especially if you have fine hair or very heavy, long locks. You can still use your heated tools for a longer-lasting curl, just clip each coil to your head right after you curl it, letting it cool completely. Your curls will last twice as long this way.

Hot rollers are great for retro waves and styles that require lots of body, but most tutorials tell you to leave them in for only 10 or 20 minutes. This is fine if you’re using them for volume, but if you want curls that last through a night of dancing, then you need to let those hot rollers cool completely—which in our experience can take up to a couple of hours for thick or long hair. Plan ahead and keep your rollers in as long as you can.

If you have particularly thick or long hair, you’ll probably struggle to get a DIY curl to stay in. The truth is that super long hair will not curl easily if it’s naturally straight. Try twisting wet hair into a bun or plaits and keeping them in all night, or try headband curls. Dampen your hair, part it as usual, and put a narrow stretchy headband over your head, Starting from the front, take a section of hair from below and wind it up and around the band over and over again, adding more hair each time as you move around the head. When you pull out the band, your hair will sit in bouncy, full curls.

The other way to get beautiful curls is to get hair extensions from Trending hair, this works perfectly if you have shoulder length hair as we can add 4 – 6 inches of perfect curls or waves to you style, or if your hair is longer, just adding half a head of wavy extensions will add volume and help keep in the style on a night out.

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