Millie’s Prom Hair – Update

I Supplied and fitted a 26″ sewn in weave in June (here’s the original blog post) for the beautiful Millie, I don’t often get asked for 26″ long as it ends past the waist but Millie had an image of what she wanted the style to look like on prom day, so needed length and thickness (she could have always had a trim after prom).
I was so excited yesterday to received these lovely photos of the big day.  She looks so amazing, I love the dress and make up, she put so much effort into the style she wanted and you can really see that with the finished results.
The weave was straight to match her natural hair, using 5 layers of weft to build up the thickness whilst adding length.  Millie added body to her hair style with a gentle curl.
thank you for sharing your photos with trending hair Millie. x
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Kimberley’s wedding hair

Kimberley had 24″ micro loop super long, all ready for her wedding 🙂 Very exciting times and I hope we get to see a photo of the beautiful bride on the day!

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Full head of micro rings in a darker colour

Katie had a full head of micro rings with 25 in a darker colour.  I was so pleased with how this looked,  the coloured streaks add more warmth to the hair.

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Wendy’s deep wave 20″ micro loop extensions

Lovely Wendy. Deep wave 20″ micro loop extensions. Love, love, love this!

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Hannah’s full head of 20″ micro loops

Hannah had all her hair cut off into a short Bob but immediately regretted it.   After only a week she decided to have hair extensions for the first time.  I used a full head of 20″ micro loops.

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Hair extensions after chemotherapy

This lovely lady has been through a hard year with surgery,  chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.
All she wanted was her hair back, sick of wearing heavy itchy wigs and not wanting to walk around with short hair as she felt “it was not her”. I wanted to help.

Her hair was only 1″ long,  so I used a full head of tiny tip extension so they were as undetectable as possible and finished with a middle parting lace closure which I then cut a fringe into.

I think she is an amazing lady,  I love meeting people who are on the same path that I have walked, as there is such an understanding for one another.  I’m so pleased that I got to be involved in a tiny part of her road to recovery. A truly amazing lovely lady

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Hair Extensions – Care and maintenance

Matted Hair Extensions
Matted Hair

Hair extensions, can be life changing. However, they’re not like our own hair and they must be maintained. You have to do a little work if you want them to last.

Sometimes if you are new to them you may not be aware of the maintenance that is required. You certainly can’t just leave them or you will encounter problems such as tangling and matting. Even with the purest and most expensive hair on the market, you still have do a little extra to care for them. Otherwise they can become a mess quickly.

The reason this happens is because, once the hair is sourced, cut and made, it no longer has the natural scalp oils which keep hair healthy and shiny. Our own hair has natural oils which nourish our hair, which is why we rarely experience matting or tangling.

For those who wear clip ins, you will still need to keep these maintained too. You can even buy synthetic shampoo if yours is not real. However, for those who are wearing semi-permanent hair extensions such as Micro loop hair extensions, your hair care routine is key.

If you have bought high quality hair extensions, it’s not the product that is defective.

Product Build Up

Leftover product, especially those products containing alcohol, cause hair extensions to dry = matting. Over time this will cause tangling. Dry shampoo also causes hair extensions to dry out very quickly and are not advised to be used. This also includes thermal spray.

Hair Care Routine

Hair extensions require a little love and care, so you should set aside 10 minutes a day to take care of the hair to ensure they last. Your hair care routine is most important, especially those who are wearing semi-permanent hair extensions. Without it, you will have a tangled mess sooner than later. Try using a weekly mask and oils. (without getting the oil on the bonds)

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Lovely review of Hannah’s micro loop extensions

What a lovely review to receive on a Tuesday! Hannah posted on Google 

“Would recommend to anyone! I’ve had my extensions for over a month now and am yet to need any maintenance, such good quality hair and amazing service from Bev! Thanks so much!”

She also sent a beautiful picture, 1 month since fitting. She’s obviously cared for and maintained her hair extensions well. Look out for some more tips and advice on maintenance coming to the blog soon!

Hannah's review of her micro loop hair extensions 1 month on.
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